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The farm is looking beautiful at the moment, but with blossoms not fruits. We are welcoming bees for pollination but pick your own customers will have to wait until the middle of June for ripe strawberries and a real taste of summer.

The chilly weather in March and April not only delayed the season but also meant that pollination of the apricots and Lancelot plums was very poor, so the crop will be poor. However other plum varieties, apples, cherries and currants look good for now. Plenty of time for things to go wrong before harvest, but we have to be optimistic!

We have more strawberries in the ground than for several years and raspberries too, so save up your jars for extra jam making. Gooseberries should be more plentiful as well, though there are a lot of greedy pigeons eyeing them up already.

Among the new plantings over the winter are peaches and a plum/apricot cross, but it will be a few years before we get to taste the fruit. For the extremely well organised amongst you please note that we will be closed for the day on Saturday 30 July for a family wedding on the farm… some things take priority over fruit growing even at Maynards.

I will update soon when I have a better idea of the start date for strawberries.

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