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- Only the tastiest fruit available at Maynards! -


£3.40 per KG

Gooseberries are so easy to freeze and add a great tang to your nutri-bullet drinks!

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£1.90 per KG

Our selection of mostly thornless types have good flavour and are easy to pick mid July to September.

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£4.50 per KG

We grow about 150 tons of blackcurrants for Ribena every year, most of them on sites a few miles from the main farm.

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pick your own Plums


£0.00 per KG

All plums preserve well including freezing and jamming, and we are getting great results with drying!

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Pick your own Raspberries


£4.50 per KG

These are all excellent flavoured varieties which freeze well, and work out very good value compared with supermarket prices.

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pick your own redcurrants


£4.50 per KG

Our variety Rovada is decorative and delicious. Many more uses than just Jelly!

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Latest news - July 31st 2017
Discover our farm
So just what is a Pick your own fruit farm and why should I try it?
Who are we?
We are a family run business that has been passed down the generations. With a deep passion for farming and traditional values to create the best fruits & produce for our clients, our pick your own fruit farm is truly a place with a touch of magic and excitement for you and your family.
How it works
From mid-spring to Autumn we are open every day. Simply visit our website to see which fruits and more are available to pick fresh from the plants and trees. Just turn up, collect your picking boxes and start picking! When you have picked your fill, go to the till to pay per KG – as easy as that!
Quality products
We have been growing fruit for decades and as such know how to grow the juiciest and most tasty fruit available! Importantly, we never let you pick our produce until it is ripe and ready, if we have a bad season for a particular crop we will let you know on our website so you know when you turn up, you are going to be able to enjoy some amazing picking!

A lovely day out with my wife

Thank you Maynards, we really enjoyed our afternoon on the Farm, we have full bellies and are looking forwards to trying our hand at making Jam tomorrow!
Peter Langdown Couple from Canterbury

Perfect day with the family!

Thank you a great day that we will remember for a lifetime! The children loved it and we will be coming back soon
Sally Hills Family from Orpington

Latest News

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Here at Maynard’s we love creating delicious meals from our fruit, but sometimes we’re lacking in inspiration. Whether you’re stewing plums or…
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Cherry Update

Very sadly, due to an attack by fruit fly, the quality of our cherries has decreased. We are now advising customers that…
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Summer is coming!

Strawberries are coming to an end, but there’s plenty more fruit to pick! The farm continues to be really busy. Strawberries are…
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