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Outof stockapples



We grow apple varieties which we like to eat, rather than ones that look good on a supermarket shelf or are valued simply because they are ‘traditional.’

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Outof stockpick your own apricots


£0.00 per KG

Apricots from the tree are delicious, but our climate is marginal for growing them and crops are not always good.

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Outof stocknature-1669279_1920


£4.00 per KG

Our selection of mostly thornless types have good flavour and are easy to pick mid July to September.

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Outof stockspinarum-387439_1920


£3.00 per KG

We grow about 150 tons of blackcurrants for Ribena every year, most of them on sites a few miles from the main farm.

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Outof stockpick your own cherries


£4.50 per KG

Dark red varieties which we like to leave on the trees as long as possible so that the full flavour develops

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Outof stockcobnuts


£3.50 per KG

Kent cobnuts are traditionally eaten green and the ones we grow are selected to have large tasty nuts at this stage

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Outof stockpick your own damsons


£2.00 per KG

Not all damsons are the same, and our variety, Shropshire Prune, has the most damsony flavour!

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Outof stockgooseberries


£3.60 per KG

Gooseberries are so easy to freeze and add a great tang to your nutri-bullet drinks!

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Outof stocktayberries

Loganberries, Tayberries, Tummelberries

£4.50 per KG

These hybrids of blackberries and raspberries have deep distinctive flavours which make unique preserves.

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Outof stockpick your own morellos


£4.50 per KG

Anyone who cooks with fruit must try morellos. Lots of stones, but the flavour is superb.

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