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August picking is ready!

Our autumn season is in full swing now. The star fruit is raspberries at the moment with both the summer and autumn fruiting types in full flow. It has been many years since we have had such good ones on the farm but the sun/rain combination has been just right this year.

The weather has also plumped out the plums and the Victorias are really sweet and juicy. The greengages are amazing (the wasps think so too!) and the later plums like Guinivere, Warwickshire Drooper and the swetchen types will be pickable through September. Damsons are good now as well, and don’t forget all these fruits freeze really well for winter consumption.

Apples are not just apples, and our Estival is the top flavour, with fantastic texture and juiciness, for the next 6 weeks. Because it is a seasonal apple it does not get the exposure that the 52 week commodity apples do, but it deserves it.

Bramleys can also be picked now, nut wait until September for the pears.

It is the best year ever for cobnuts (hazelnuts) and the flavour is coming nicely now. As well as eating fresh (green) they can be stored for Christmas, so think ahead…the squirrels are!


All plums and damsons                  £2.00/kg

Raspberries                                        £4.80

Estival apples                                     £1.50

Bramley apples                                 £1.20

Cobnuts                                               £3.50

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