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Category: Pick Your Own News

Fruit Update: August 7th 2020

This weekend’s fruit update:

  • Plenty of delicious plums and bla...
Fruit Update: July 24th 2020

This weekend’s fruit update:

  • We have no more strawberries...
Fruit Update: July 17th 2020

This weekend’s fruit update:

  • Our delicious Lancelot plums are...
Fruit Update: July 7th 2020

This weekend’s fruit update:

  • Cherries are now finished...
Fruit Update: July 4th 2020

This weekend’s fruit update:

  • Strawberries are doing better, but they...
Fruit Update: June 26th 2020

Ahead of this weekend, here’s a fruit update and some friendly reminders:

  • Strawberries are very limited, but they’ll continue for the next 2/3 weeks.
  • ...

Fruit Update: June 20th 2020

This weekend's Fruit Update:

  • We're very short on strawberries
  • ...

We are open for the summer!

We are now officially open for the summer. At the moment we have only strawberries ready to pick at £4.20/kg. They are looking fantastic and crying out to be picked!

Maynards Pick Your Own 2020

You will be glad to know that we have decided that we can open the farm for pick your own this summer. Obviously we will have to take a number of measures to ensure social distancing and protect you and ourselves from Covid transmission, but there is plenty of space and I am sure everyone...

We’re Open for the Summer!

This weekend we’ve officially opened for the summer. Sadly the weather is not quite on our side, but we’re excited about the pick-your-own summer season to come. Currently (excuse the pun) we have strawberries, gooseberries and rhubarb ripe and ready to be picked. Cherries are on track to be ready at the end of July....