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Fruit Update from Tom: July 10 2021

There is no denying that the cold spring and wet recent weather has had an effect on the quality and quantity of fruit this year, but it is not all bad and things will get better from now on!

The earlier varieties had poor flavour and quality due to the weather, but fortunately our biggest acreage this year was planned for ripening in the summer holidays and the crop is looking and tasting great. The Malwina variety especially has great flavour and will continue cropping well into August. It is very leafy making it slow to pick but the leaves protect the fruit from the weather which is a real advantage this year.

Our biggest crop of gooseberries ever! The green ones (Invicta) are best for cooking but the red ones (Xenia) are delicious for eating fresh. It is hard to get these fruits anywhere else so make sure you freeze some for fantastic desserts in the winter.

Raspberries love Scottish weather – cool rainy days in summer – the sort of weather we have had through June. So this year we have more raspberries than for many years. The Glen Ample variety are starting to ripen now and daily production will peak in the middle of July, but with new plantings and a range of varieties we should have plenty of raspberries every day through to the end of September.

The conditions are also favouring tayberries and blackberries. The fruit is there, we just need decent weather to pick it in!

Blackcurrants and redcurrants
These are a couple of weeks late this year due to the cold spring, but we avoided frost damage and there are excellent crops ripening. I expect they will be available from about 20th July.

Cherries are especially susceptible to the weather conditions we have been having, and unfortunately there is a lot of splitting and spoilage. But there are still lovely fruits to be found and the later varieties may escape the worst of the problems. I’m afraid supply will not keep up with demand but what we do have will be available for our pick your own customers.

Plums, apples, pears and nuts
These are all looking good for the second half of August and September and we can update on those later.

Enjoy your picking,


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