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A close-up of lancelot plums at Maynard's Fruit Farm in Ticehurst, East Sussex

Fruit Update: July 17th 2020

This weekend’s fruit update:

  • Our delicious Lancelot plums are now ready for picking!
  • Blackberries are also now ready.
  • We have blackcurrant trays ready in the shed. Please call if you’d like to buy a few to check they’re still available as they sell out quickly.
  • We are short of raspberries, although there will be some lovely autumn varieties ready for picking in a couple of weeks.
  • Strawberries are very low, please don’t make a journey just for these. But, if while you’re here to pick other fruit you’d also like to go on a strawberry hunt, you’re welcome to try your luck!
  • There are no more cherries, and tayberries are also now finished.
  • A reminder that this year we are not allowing picnics, and groups that overstay may be asked to leave. This is to ensure safe picking for all our customers and our staff. Please also respect the privacy of the houses and gardens at the farm.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your picking!

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