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Fruit Update from Tom: June 21 2022

And this year’s PYO prices

Pick your own cherries have started! The Merchant variety are now dark and delicious and very easy picking. They are the first of about 10 varieties we have over the next 5 weeks, all of which should be allowed to ripen fully on the tree, although they are often picked too early by our customers desperate for more cherries right now. Cherries are susceptable to birds, rain damage, fruit fly, and more as they ripen so come and get some while they are in great condition.
Strawberries are also amazingly plentiful at the moment, and the flavours are great this year. We have 6 different varieties to spread the season, but things are coming early so by July we may be getting short –  so don’t delay.
Now is the time for green gooseberries. More of a rarity these days, but we have plenty! So easy to freeze as well.
I am surprised to see that we already have lots of ripe tayberries, and also the Karaka Black blackberries, an extremely early sweet variety from New Zealand. There is the odd pink raspberry starting to show, but these will build up more in July.
Finally for this week we have our first batch of Maynards strawberry ice cream made for us by Northiam dairy with our fruit. Delicious!

Pick your own prices (per kg):

  • Strawberries: £5.00
  • Cherries: £6.50
  • Gooseberries: £5.00
  • Tayberries: £5.40
  • Blackberries: £5.40
  • Rhubarb: £2.40

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