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A close-up of lancelot plums at Maynard's Fruit Farm in Ticehurst, East Sussex

Fruit Update: July 24 2021

While World Class Athletes are in Japan at the Olympics, World Class Fruit remains right here in Sussex!

Strawberries continue to have a marathon run- our Mulwena variety are the best tasting so far this this year and there are still some available- come early to get the best! £4.20 a kilo

Our Rows of Raspberries are making waves this year and we have plenty of gold standard taste for your delectation- £6.00/kilo

Sprint to get Blackcurrant Trays – we are harvesting the fields now and will have both 3 kilo (£7) and 8 kilo (£14) trays available- while stocks last!

While the Sweet Cherries are nearing the end of the season, this weekend will be one last hurrah and those well trained will find enough for their needs- £6.20/kilo . However, unfortunately the Morello Cherries have been knocked out in the early heat….

And  forget Swim, Run, Cycle- try the picking triathlon of Gooseberries (£4.40/kilo), Tayberries (£5.80/kilo) and Blackberries (£5.80/kilo)- keeping you healthy with no outfit changes required!

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