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Fruit Update from Tom: August 24 2021

This year we have been slow to build up any quantity of raspberries but at last the raspberry ripple
has started and should roll forward through September with the autumn varieties. The fruit is succulent and delicious and very plentiful. Time to fill the freezer!

Blackberries are also getting to their prime, and more are ripening every day.

We have a good crop of Victoria plums which are so much better when they are fully tree ripened, so be selective as you wonder through the orchards. They are also simple to freeze and jam for the winter. They do not all ripen at once, so I expect we will continue to pick until the middle of September.

Our damson variety, Shropshire prune, ripens later than many but develops more flavour. You can pick from now but best in September.

Greengages are well disguised amongst the green leaves, but once you have tasted a ripe one you will be hunting for more. They are getting ripe right now so get here soon for them.

We grow Estival eating apples for their superb flavour and juicy texture. They are not a 12 months of the year commodity apple but for their 6 week season they top the charts. Get the family into the apple habit!

Cobnuts are surprisingly plentiful this year, but there are a lot of squirrels about competing for them. The flavour is only just starting to come through, and do check which are right for picking when you come as some varieties need several more weeks.

The pears and several of the late fruits will not be ready until mid-September so we will probably stay open until the end of the month, but perhaps not 7 days a week. Please check before you come in late September.

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