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Fruit updates and farm news
Fruit update: August 5 2022

This week’s fruit update from Tom:
It’s all about the plums! 

Plums are well underway with plenty of ripe Lancelot to pick at the moment. The first Victori…

Fruit update: July 23 2022

This week’s fruit update:

🍑 Plenty of delicious Lancelot plums! Victorias are still a few weeks away.
🫐 Plenty of blackberries and redcurr…

Fruit update: July 15 2022

This week’s fruit update:
🍒Sweet cherries are all picked and are now finished, but we have plenty of morellos. For those that would still like some sweet cherries when they visit, we hav…

Introducing our new picnic area

We’ve now reserved an area at the farm specifically for picnics. We ask those that would like to stay for a picnic to use this dedicated space rather than within the fruit and picking rows.

Carparking at the farm: 2 hours max

We have been extremely busy over the last couple of weekends. It’s fantastic we are getting so many people coming to enjoy the farm! We have however, been very close to exceeding capacity…

Fruit Update: July 1 2022

This weekend’s fruit update:
We have plenty of delicious raspberries, blackberries, tayberries and gooseberr…

Fruit Update: June 24 2022

This weeks fruit update:
We have plentiful:
Strawberries, Cherries ,Gooseberries

Fruit Update from Tom: June 21 2022

And this year’s PYO prices
Pick your own cherries have started! The Merchant variety are now dark and delicious and very easy picking. They are the first of about 10 varieties we have over the next 5 weeks, all of which should be allowed to ripen fully on the tree, although they are often picked too early…

Fruit Update: June 17 2022

This weeks fruit update:
🍓plenty of strawberries
🍓gooseberries and tayberries are also ready to be picked
🍒cherries looking great for…

This week: open for afternoon strawberry picking

We will be open 1pm-5pm this week (Monday 6th to Friday 10th). We still have lots of strawberries ready to be picked!