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Strawberries ready to be picked on the farm
We are open for the summer!

We are now officially open for the summer. At the moment we have only strawberries ready to pick at £4.20/kg. They are looking fantastic and crying out to be picked!

Maynards Pick Your Own 2020

You will be glad to know that we have decided that we can open the farm for pick your own this summer. Obviously we will have to take a number of measures to ensure social distancing and protect you and ourselves from Covid transmission, but there is plenty of space and I am sure everyone…

Thank you for coming in 2019, we will open again next Spring!

Our 2019 pick your own fruit season has come to the end, so we are no longer around the barn waiting for you to come and pick. It has been a great summer for fruit  picking ,with very few days lost to rain but enough moisture to keep things going without much irrigation. The temperatures…

August picking is ready!

Our autumn season is in full swing now. The star fruit is raspberries at the moment with both the summer and autumn fruiting types in full flow. It has been many years since we have had such good ones on the farm but the sun/rain combination has been just right this year. The weather has…

Start of the season 2019

We have just opened for our 2019 pick your own season on Friday 7th June, so it is a good time to tell you what has been going on with the fruit at Maynards over the winter and spring. Lots of pruning, planting and tending the crops as usual and the results depending as much…

Strawberries ready to be picked on the farm
We’re Open for the Summer!

This weekend we’ve officially opened for the summer. Sadly the weather is not quite on our side, but we’re excited about the pick-your-own summer season to come. Currently (excuse the pun) we have strawberries, gooseberries and rhubarb ripe and ready to be picked. Cherries are on track to be ready at the end of July….

Tom and the new Cherry Orchard
Happy New Year!

I have returned to work after the Christmas break full of resolve to prepare for a great fruit picking season in the summer, and one resolution is to write more regularly about what is going on in the winter months.

The season of fruit is over – thank you for coming!

What a great year! Thank you all for coming to pick fruit at our wonderful farm. Our fruit picking is now closed for the year. We want to extend to a big thank you to all our customers, who, with their families, keep our farm bright and lively every year. For this post we’ve chosen…

August update! It is Plum and Blackberry season – Hooray!

After a quiet couple of weeks due to the extreme weather leading to a break between fruits available, our plums and blackberries are in full force. Victoria Plums will be ready around 15th alongside.. oh yes.. COBNUTS! Our main plum stock is ready now – Please note cherries, strawberries and raspberries are now over. –…

Strawberries and Rhubarb are ready!

We opened for pick your own on Friday 8th June. Only strawberries @ £3.60 and rhubarb @ £1.80 to start with The ever changing weather has been challenging this spring, and strawberries will not be the best this year but there will be plenty when we open! Raspberries I am sad to say will be…