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All plums preserve well including freezing and jamming, and we are getting great results with drying!

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We specialise in plums and have varieties ripening from July through to the end of September..The first to ripen is Meritare which is quite similar to Victoria but three weeks earlier, and seems to be a shy cropper. Next comes Lancelot which is my favourite large dessert plum and is cropping well this year. Then we get into Reeves and Victorias in mid-August. For some Victoria is the only plum and pick your own allows you to select the best, but I urge anyone to try other varieties such as the yellow Warwickshire Drooper for jam making.

In September we have the late Marjories Seedling  and Guinivere and a number of German varieties including Elena, Presenta, Tophit and Topend. In Germany and middle Europe they love their plum cakes and these firmer fleshed types are best for these recipes, as well as having excellent dessert flavours.

Unfortunately the Greengages are not carrying much of a crop this year.

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