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Thank you for coming in 2019, we will open again next Spring!

Our 2019 pick your own fruit season has come to the end, so we are no longer around the barn waiting for you to come and pick.

It has been a great summer for fruit  picking ,with very few days lost to rain but enough moisture to keep things going without much irrigation.

The temperatures around flowering and setting for some varieties were not high enough so we had poor crops of early plums and blackcurrants, but you can’t have everything. And at this stage (mid September) the potential for next year looks good for all the crops.

As always we will be making changes in the winter…the Marjories Seedling orchard is coming out and more Lancelot plums being planted, as well as more Morello cherries. Plenty to keep us busy, but we need some time off as well!

We look forward to seeing you all again in June 2020.

Tom Maynard

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